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staff:child ratio = 1:10 group size 20—27

Our school age program promotes motivation, independence and enthusiasm. In addition to before and after school care, we also provide full day care during school vacations and no school days. Staff plan and implement a wide variety of creative and exciting activities. In addition, field trips and special visitors are often scheduled during the summer months and school vacations.

The Carriage House Day Care, School Age program, provides quality programs and activities for children in grades K-5, before and after school hours and full days(i.e. Professional Development Days, Vacation Days, Snow Days, and Summer Vacation Days). Children may also be registered as drop-ins during no school days and summer vacations (space permitting).

Transportation is provided by Carriage House to some of the Meriden Public Schools. Schools served may vary based on enrollment need and travel time.

You may sign your School Age child up for either before school, after school or both. On early dismissal days (parent teacher conferences, etc), Carriage House will pick up the children whenever the schools close.

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